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>> sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

Fiz o quiz e meu queixo caiu.

Advanced Personality Quiz Results

Spirit: Striver
You're a Striver. Kind-hearted and warm, you're always there for your friends, rain or shine. You have a positive spirit and are generous when it comes to sharing it with those around you. You have tons of infectious energy and lots of natural enthusiasm. You tend to be committed when it comes to achieving your goals in life. You set high standards for yourself and others and like to keep your eye on the prize. Resourcefulness is definitely one of your finest strengths. When you get excited about something, you have the confidence and passion to inspire all those around you. You seem to have a really healthy attitude toward life! It takes a lot to throw you off balance, and you don't let much stress you out. When it comes to bringing positive change to your life, don't try to move mountains. Baby steps are definitely the way forward. For example, if you'd like to lose weight, don't set yourself up to fail with unrealistic goals. Be kind to yourself and remember that slow and steady wins the race. Life's all about options. Allow yourself to be excited by possibility and potential. Try not to push to know the answer all the time. There will be lots of twists and turns in life. Rather than wishing away the journey, try to live in the moment and enjoy every bump in the road! Challenge yourself to try new experiences and live life to the fullest. Remember that you can't be upbeat and outgoing 100 percent of the time. It's okay to tune out and look inward every now and again. In fact, we encourage it! The value of quiet time to meditate on your hopes and desires shouldn't be underestimated. Your faith is a wonderful gift that gives you strength and support in everything you do. Even if you have a busy schedule, make sure you carve out that special time for yourself. In fact, that's the time when you could probably use it most!
Relationship: True Romantic
When you're in love, life somehow seems easier to handle. Whatever challenges you face, you're in it together and that's all that matters. As a True Romantic, you've got a whole lot of love to give and you like to lavish your partner with romantic gestures. You have strong instincts and a good understanding of who you are and what you want from life. You like to follow your dreams and believe in happy endings. You are expressive and enjoy coming up with new ways to show your partner how much you love him. Intense experiences appeal to your sensual side. It's all about immersing yourself in the fairy-tale feelings of being in love. For you, it's the little things that make being in love so special: a sunset stroll on a beach, holding hands at the movies and feeling protected and cared for.

Relationship tips:

So you're a True Romantic but what tips can we give for keeping the romance alive in your relationship?
  1. Be natural. Remember that your partner loves you for who you are, so don't feel the need to put on an act.
  2. Share the love. You've got the Midas touch when it comes to setting the romantic tone, so do what you do best and let your partner experience the magic.
  3. Open your heart. Don't overthink things or be too much of a perfectionist. The strongest connections are founded on spiritual intimacy.
  4. Take a weekend away. Whether you're still in the first flush of love or entering your second decade together, there's still nothing better than checking into a nice hotel for a night. Take your time over a romantic dinner and make sure to have breakfast in bed.
Money: Positive Thinker
You're an adventurer at heart, and love to see new places when you get the chance. Expanding your horizons can really help to put things into perspective. When it comes to success, you're balanced and focused. Your glass tends to be half-full, and you're always happy to have it topped off! You see life as a marathon rather than a sprint and tend to think in terms of long-term goals. You put lots of effort into everything you do and get a great sense of fulfillment from the results. You're dedicated and committed, but don't forget to let your hair down every now and again. A little treat is just what you deserve!
Health: Easy Does It
Unappealing as it may seem, it would be good to try to be a bit more active every day. You might be surprised at how much you'd actually enjoy regular exercise. It may sound hard to believe, but endorphins are better than chocolate if you just give them a chance! You may even find that you're in a better mood more often. Start off with something that isn't too intimidating, like climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator. You might even consider signing up for a few personal training sessions in the gym so that you have a program that's tailored just for you. You may need to think about making a few changes what you eat too. Maybe you could try making homemade versions of your favorite restaurant meals to reduce the sodium and fat content and eat healthier without compromising too much on taste.
When it comes to life, you're usually on the go and don't always have much time to spend cooking (or washing up afterwards). You know the importance of a healthy lifestyle though, so choosing something like pizza means you can still use toppings to be creative and pack those vegetable portions in.
You like to make a statement, so chances are you'd be living it up in a palatial mansion with a huge pool if you had your way. A fancy car and a couple of maids to take care of your every whim would be the icing on the cake. More is definitely better for you, and living the life of luxury is something you'd be happy to try!
You love music. Your life is definitely set to a soundtrack. The atmosphere and energy of a live gig makes you tick. There's just something amazing and uplifting about seeing a great musician play that you can't get through a pair of speakers. You get a buzz from being as close to the action as you can.
Your pretty, feminine style exudes low-key elegance and charm. You don't need to be brash or falling off a pair of stilettos to get noticed. Being at ease and feeling confident in yourself works wonders. You like to keep things real and are practical, too, so you're just as comfortable getting groceries as checking out the latest designer looks.
You love the fast pace of city life. You are inspired by vibrant urban cultures, so when you have some time to spare on vacation, the lure of the bright lights is irresistible. You love to try new things. After all, vacation time is precious, so it's important not to waste too much time just lounging around!

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